Standalone Music Production

Welcome to my studio dedicated to production and mixing.

Here’s what I can do for you

Music Production

The entire process of going from an idea to a finished track ready for release. We will discuss the goals and sound of the song, then I proceed to the selection of sounds and arrangement, collaborating if necessary with other musicians. Once the arrangement is approved, we move on to mixing and mastering. I usually work remotely by receiving a vocal track and piano or guitar chords and MIDI. The work, will be monitored via regular meets to carefully handle every step of the production together. The cost depends on many factors, including the genre and the type of instruments. For more details:: Contact me →

Mix e Mastering Online

Remote mixing and mastering sessions. I can receive separate files or work sessions (on Cubase, Logic, or Ableton Live). The cost depends on the number of tracks. For more details: Contact me →

Vocal Production

Recording and editing of vocal tracks for singers, as well as speakers for voice-overs, podcasts, lessons, meditations, etc. To discuss costs and other details: Contact me →

Teaching & Consultancy

I enjoy sharing my experience and approach to production, synthesis, and sound design, as well as the technical aspects of DAWs, mixing, and mastering. I am available for individual or group lessons, and for any type of consultation on these topics. For information and more details: Contact me →

Need an estimate?

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